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TC7000 Battery Troubleshooting

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                                BATTERY   TROUBLESHOOTING

If your battery fails, we recommend the following: First, determine if the battery needs a boost or replacement. Most batteries that fail are simply discharged and need a boost. If the battery is simply in need of a boost, have it re-charged as described in this document. If your battery still fails, please follow the troubleshooting guide below and then contact us at quoting the battery voltage, the camera serial number and battery serial number along with your complete contact details, including telephone number and email. Please note, batteries in deep-discharge are not covered by Warranty.

Deep discharge can only occur when a battery is left in the camera for an extended period  or “yes” is entered numerous times for the question “ has a fresh battery been installed” for a battery which is not fully charged  which is contrary to correct operation, subsequent damage is not covered by Warranty.

Problem Solution
My camera has poor runtime but the battery status indicator on the screen shows full. When a new battery is inserted, the camera assumes the battery is fully charged and shows a full charge on the screen. Insert a fully charged battery into the camera.
my battery will not charge and will not power up the camera. Ensure the battery has not gone into “deep-discharge” by using a multi-meter to check the voltage across the pads on the base of the battery. If the reading is less than 6V then the battery has gone into a deep discharge state and must be replaced. If the battery voltage is above 6V then refer to the battery charging procedure and ensure the charger LEDs are illuminating correctly.
My camera is unstable and sometimes hangs. Check the battery voltage by using a multi-meter across the battery pads. If the battery has not been fully charged and/or has been inserted into the camera partially charged, the cut off timer will not operate and the battery voltage may drop below 6.9V at which stage the camera may become unstable. Always ensure a fully charged battery is inserted into the camera.
The battery charger is flashing yellow. This indicates either that the battery is short circuited or is in a deep discharge state. In either event, the battery must be removed from the charger and disposed of immediately.

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