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Toughpix II Downloading images

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Toughpix II

                                 DOWNLOADING IMAGES 

You can download images via the docking station, at the same time as charging the battery. It is good practice to connect both leads to the charging station to avoid confusion. To download images, once both cables are connected, gently but firmly place the camera onto the vertical interface pillar and push downwards. Once in place and turned on, the camera motorized lens will extend and the camera screen will turn blue with the letters MSDC. If this is a first time installation, drivers will install automatically. Once correctly installed the auto play pop-up window will appear with options for accessing your camera. When the camera is powered up and properly connected to the docking station and PC, the camera screen will change to blue with the letters MSDC in white. The camera will show as a drive on your PC. Please note, if you have multiple drives already mapped on your PC and the camera does not appear there may be a conflict. In this instance, contact your I.T. department.


NOTE. Please ensure that the camera is fully engaged on the docking station – check that the front left camera foot is resting behind the protruding tab on the docking station (see image). The orange rubber battery cover should be rotated

(do not bend!) and rested in the docking station recess – as this can affect connectivity between the camera and docking station.



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