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Toughpix II Trident WiFi Retrevial

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When the Wi-Fi image has been accidentally deleted from image viewer you will be unable to activate the Wi-Fi.  Please follow the below steps to recover this feature.  

  1. Save the accompanying wifi.jpg to your computer  
  2. Visit the following link:


  1. Download & install the FlashAir configuration software – as below:
  2. flash-air-config
  3. Connect your ToughPIX II Trident to your PC using the supplied USB Dongle & cable.
  4. Launch the FlashAir Configuration Tool  
  5. Select ‘Wireless LAN Startup Mode (see below)
  6. flash-air-tool
  7. Ensure ‘Manual startup mode’ is selected from drop-down menu  

8.Browse your PC for the previously saved wifi.jpg image and select.

It is shown here:-


Click Apply


  1. Disconnect ToughPIX II Camera from your PC. 
  2. WIFI will now be restored.



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