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As leaders in the innovation and manufacture of Intrinsically Safe instruments used every day in the world’s most challenging work environments our news and blog provides all the latest industry, product and company news and blog posts. Keep an eye out for our series of white papers focusing on the designing for intrinsic safety in hazardous environments.

Featured: Mission: Break the TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM

Posted on: 14th, November 2017

If you wanted to destroy a camera, there are a few ways you’d go about it. Blast it with high pressure water jets, drop...

Featured: TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM Series – Which One Is Right For You?

Posted on: 2nd, October 2017

We revealed our brand new ToughPIX III Series the other day, and now you can get your hands on these amazing new cameras! We...

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Book a service for your CorDEX product online today!

Posted on: 2nd, February 2018

Have you got a CorDEX product that needs servicing? Is it overdue and something you keep putting off? Maybe...

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We’re exhibiting at Hazardex 2018!

Posted on: 25th, January 2018

CorDEX Instruments are exhibiting at the Hazardex International Conference and Exhibition on February 28th and March 1st. The exhibition...

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Vote for us! Hazardex 2018 Awards for Excellence

Posted on: 24th, January 2018

We have been nominated for an award for Best User Application for the TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM in the Hazardex 2018...

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We’ve been awarded with IP54 ingress protection for TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM!

Posted on: 23rd, January 2018

Great news! CorDEX Instruments have now been awarded with IP54 ingress protection for the TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM camera series. This...

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33% off TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM camera case!

Posted on: 17th, January 2018

To compliment the TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM, we now have a dedicated travel camera case to go with it. The travel...

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Does your CorDEX product need a calibration? Book online today!

Posted on: 15th, January 2018

You can now book your calibration online with our brand new service and repair portal! Simply log on to the...

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Get 10% discount when booking a service and calibration at the same time

Posted on: 12th, January 2018

Have you been putting off a service with us? Does your CorDEX product need a calibration? Now’s the time...

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Adaptive Thermal Blending (ATB) – what is it?

Posted on: 10th, January 2018

Whether you intend to review your findings at a later date or share them with others, infrared images alone...

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We now have South African certification!

Posted on: 8th, January 2018

The TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM has new certification in South Africa! CorDEX Instruments have acquired South African certification for the TOUGHPIX...

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Your questions answered: Why does TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM only have 5MP?

Posted on: 8th, January 2018

Since its launch, we have had a few queries as to why we only included a 5MP only sensor...

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Send in your old camera and get 20% off DIGITHERM!

Posted on: 8th, January 2018

Do you have an old CorDEX camera lying around that you don’t use anymore? Perhaps it’s not working and...

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Register on our online service and repair portal

Posted on: 8th, January 2018

We have expanded our service offering and launched a brand new Service and Repair Portal for customers. You asked,...

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