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MN4000/4100 PLC BLOCKS

MN4000/4100 PLC blocks Available to download after registering. The blocks available to download are as follows:- This is the comms block which communicates to the camera over Modbus and retrieves 4800 pieces of data and stores them in the array ‘Temps’. Note the camera IP address is entered in Hex format. This is the Area_MaxMinAv […]

MN4000/4100 PLC and SCADA

If the cameras are connected to a PLC then free of charges blocks are available to down load you just have to register.They are available for four of the most popular PLC’s. These blocks do all the hard work of coding the Modbus registers just pop them into your project and job nearly done. Just […]

MN4000/4100 Modbus Registers Scaling

 MN4000/MN4100 Modbus registers scaling. The Modbus register value represents the temperature that a particular pixel in the 80×60 IR is “seeing” And its value is in Centi Kelvins. ( Degrees Kelvin multiplied by 100, example 293.68K =  29368 cK ) To convert this value to °C the following formula is used:- °C = Mbreg – […]

MN4000/4100 Modbus Infomation

MODBUS AND HTML   The MN4000 and MN4100 have Modbus TCP and HTML access for image display and analysis.   1.1 Modbus TCP The Modbus protocol used is Modbus TCP/IP also known as Modbus TCP. Following Modbus command function codes are used: Function code 3: Read Multiple Registers Function code 4: Read Input Registers Function […]

MN4100 Fitting Ethernet Plug

  MN4100 Ethernet cable The Ethernet plug will not fit through the cable gland so one will have to be fitted after the Ethernet cable has been passed through the gland and then the plug can be fitted into the camera and the gland tightened up. You tube link showing how to put a Ethernet […]

MN4000/MN4100 Modbus Problem

MN4000/MN4100 Camera Troubleshooting Symptoms:-  After connecting to the camera on  i/p port 502 using Modbus TCP the camera after 10 seconds or so goes off line and fails to respond to any further requests. Possible cause:- The Modbus registers in the camera are “input registers “ and are accessed by function code 04(3x). If […]

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