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Installing TC to CONNECT software

TC Connectivity   Detailed guidance below, I must stress that you need to allow the TC Drivers to install completely which can take several minutes otherwise Connect software will not recognise the device (standard driver installing icon on taskbar) before you are able to download the images to Connect.   Installing Your CorDEX TC Series […]

TC7000 Lens Ring

TC7000 Orange ring on front of lens.  If the orange ring on the front of the lens is fully out and the lens assembly is tried to be put in its travelling position, then the ring can be damaged. The ring should be screwed in (retracted) before the lens assembly is put into its travelling […]

TC7000 Charging The Battery

TC7000                                                                      CHARGING THE BATTERY Plug the charger into a wall socket/outlet. The Green LED will illuminate showing mains power is connected and that the charger is ready. Insert TC7000/7150 battery pack into the charging station. Care must be taken to ensure that the battery is inserted in the correct orientation, otherwise battery and/ […]

TC7000 Battery Troubleshooting

TC7000                                 BATTERY   TROUBLESHOOTING If your battery fails, we recommend the following: First, determine if the battery needs a boost or replacement. Most batteries that fail are simply discharged and need a boost. If the battery is simply in need of a boost, have it re-charged as described in this document. If your battery still […]

TC7000 Battery Deep Discharge

TC7000 Battery Deep Discharge.  WARNING. ONLY REMOVE THE BATTERY IN A SAFE AREA. TC7000/7150 monitors battery status using a coulomb counting technique which measures the amount of energy used by the camera rather than the actual status of the battery itself. This is different from many other non-Intrinsically Safe devices and is a result of […]

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