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Category: Toughpix II Trident

Home Technical Q&A Toughpix II Trident
WIFI Password

The password for the WIFI for the camera is the serial number of the camera. For example if your serial number was 2016-22-234789 then that is what you would enter in the password field on the device you are connecting to the camera.

Toughpix II Trident WiFi Retrevial

  RECOVERING WIFI FEATURE   When the Wi-Fi image has been accidentally deleted from image viewer you will be unable to activate the Wi-Fi.  Please follow the below steps to recover this feature.   Save the accompanying wifi.jpg to your computer   Visit the following link:–media/english/download/wl/software02.htm   Download & install the FlashAir configuration software – as below: […]

Toughpix II Trident Tripod Boss

TOUGHPIX II Trident Tripod Boss.  The tripod boss on the camera was designed to unscrew and be removed so that a tripod with a longer screw mount can be used. If it is removed the unit is still certified as it was designed with this in mind.

Toughpix II Trident Dongle Contacts

Toughpix II Trident  1:- The dongle contacts can be a problem ( camera not coming on ) normally solved by cleaning  them or quickly with a little bit of force move the dongle in and out of the camera about 6 times or so  which will clean the contacts.

Toughpix II Trident Blury Pictures

Toughpix II Trident Blurry pictures 1:-  Is the macro lens still on camera? 2:- When taking picture have you pressed down 50% and green square appeared ( which means unit has focused )? If you press the shutter release down to quickly it can take a photo before it as had a chance to focus.

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