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UT5000 Battery Distributors

Batteries in UT5000   The batteries fitted into the UT5000 must be of the correct type for the unit to operate correctly and that type is shown below:-   Tadiran Battery distributors   Tadiran Battery part code   North America: TL5930 Europe SL2780    

UT5000 Reset

UT5000   If the unit has to be reset ( unit has crashed ) then the way to do it is to remove battery cover then pull battery out. Leave out for one minute then put back in again and power unit up.

UT5000 Screen Flickering

UT5000 Screen flickering is normally due to low battery voltage. The battery voltage is not measured but a coulomb counter is used to measure energy used. When battery is put in it asks is it a new one so it can start at the correct point. If this is not done and a used battery […]

UT5000 Readings Not Correct

UT5000 If the readings are not correct then do a two-point calibration (the quick start guide has it in) And it is shown below: – To calibrate UT5000 after attaching the probe: Calibration must be performed every time the probe is detached/attached. Ensure your probe lead is connected to your UT5000. Power on your UT5000. […]

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