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EXIS Intrinsically Safe Battery Pack – EXIS-740

exis Industrial Protection IP54 1m Drop Test Zone 1 Hot Swappable Intrinsically Safe
  • Queens Award
  • ATEX
  • IECEx

CorDEX’s EXIS battery packs are the world’s first completely field-interchangeable intrinsically safe batteries.

This means you can actually swap out an EXIS battery for another one inside a hazardous environment without risk, meaning there’s absolutely no need to leave to recharge your unit or replace the batteries.

The EXIS battery is suitable for use with many of CorDEX’s equipment, specifically their range of GENESIS intrinsically safe worklights.

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  • CorDEX EXIS Intrinsically Safe Battery Pack
  • CorDEX EXIS Intrinsically Safe Battery Pack


Introducing EXIS intrinsically safe battery pack, intelligent and interchangeable, even in the hazardous area.

Ever had the battery die on an intrinsically safe tool? Of course, we all have. What few people realise is that if the battery is removable, it can rarely be removed without returning to a non-hazardous location which can mean a significant amount of time lost transiting to and from the hazardous location simply to change a battery.

For tools with integral batteries, this problem is further compounded in that the tool must be returned to the nonhazardous area and then recharged, rendering it useless for that time period. The only solution if you want to continue working is to buy a second tool!

Thankfully, there is finally a solution that saves you time, money and keeps you functioning. After over two years in development, CorDEX Instruments, in association with EXIS Energy Ltd, have created a series of tools that have ultra longlife lithium ion batteries which can besafely removed and replaced within the hazardous area, known as Hot Swapping. These Intrinsically Safe certified tools can eveninterchange the EXIS smart battery packs between one another, similar to non-I.S. power tools of today.

No longer is your working day restricted to the life of a single battery. Look out for the Zone 1 Hotswap logo and ensure the tools you select work for you, rather than defining your working day.

EXIS Diagnostic App

Download the EXIS Diagnostic App for use with your EXIS Smart Diagnostic Station.

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GENESIS Lighting Brochure

GENESIS Lighting Brochure2.50 MB


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What is Zone 1 Hot Swappable?

Using the interchangeable, smart battery pack, GENESIS can remain in the hazardous location as long as you require, providing 400 lumens of light for a virtually indefinite period. There is no need to return to the safe area to charge a battery or replace for a new one, with GENESIS Zone 1 Hot Swap technology, you can replace the battery right there, in the hazardous area, as soon as you need to saving you time and money whilst keeping you safe. ATEX and IECEx certified, GENESIS lighting products are rigorously tested to ensure maximum reliability.

What is EXIS?

EXIS is CorDEX’s new Intrinsically Safe battery pack providing Zone 1 Hot Swap technology. The smart EXIS power packs have on-board energy level indication, along with a Bluetooth enabled battery diagnostic station providing you with data relating to your battery health, charge state and much more all via a dedicated PC application.

What areas can I enter with an intrinsically safe instrument?

Hazardous areas must be defined by the employer into designated zones and instruments must be certified for those zones. The type of hazardous atmosphere (gas, dust, mining) must be specified and the auto ignition temperature of that zone must be identified with instruments selected that are rated safe for thier temperature.

What does Intrinsically Safe Mean?

An intrinsically safe instrument has been designed from the ground up to use low voltage and current together with detailed electronic and mechanical design to elimate any possibility of generating an ignotino source in a hazardous (explosive) area. The instrument must be approved by a notified body to international standards such as ATEX and IECEx. The IEC standard that TC7000 compiles with is IEC EN 60079 -11.

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