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The current firmware version is

How to install your new firmware update:

  • Check current firmware version of your DIGITHERM by turning on the camera > go to  Firmware & Alignment  > make note of your Firmware Version Number (0.0.0.XX).
  • Remove the CorDEX Memory Card from your camera > insert CorDEX Memory Card into supplied CorDEX USB Memory Card Reader > then insert the CorDEX USB Memory Card Reader into your PC/laptop USB port.
  • Download update file by filling out the form below.
  • Find your newly downloaded firmware file named ‘tp3r.aes’ > copy the file to your inserted CorDEX Memory Card.
  • Eject the CorDEX Memory Card from your PC and insert it back into the camera.
  • Turn on your camera and go back to  Firmware & Alignment > go down to ‘Update Firmware’ > and select ‘Now’. A message will then show ‘updating firmware…’, then the camera will reboot with your new firmware installed.

More information

Firmware update download


Firmware release notes:

  • Low battery disable for firmware update – set to 20%.
    The firmware update is inactive in this case
  • Auto-Flash bug corrected.
    Auto-Flash does not correctly expose in some situations

Firmware changelog

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