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The current firmware version is

How to install your new firmware update:

  • Check current firmware version of your DIGITHERM by turning on the camera > go to  Firmware & Alignment  > make note of your Firmware Version Number (0.0.0.XX).
  • Remove the CorDEX Memory Card from your camera > insert CorDEX Memory Card into supplied CorDEX USB Memory Card Reader > then insert the CorDEX USB Memory Card Reader into your PC/laptop USB port.
  • Download update file by filling out the form below.
  • Find your newly downloaded firmware file named ‘tp3r.aes’ > copy the file to your inserted CorDEX Memory Card.
  • Eject the CorDEX Memory Card from your PC and insert it back into the camera.
  • Turn on your camera and go back to  Firmware & Alignment > go down to ‘Update Firmware’ > and select ‘Now’. A message will then show ‘updating firmware…’, then the camera will reboot with your new firmware installed.

More information

Firmware update download


Firmware release notes:

  • Add close-up mode area indication which this is shown when close-up mode is enabled
  • Brightness control bug fix


  • Corrected general over-exposure
  • Improved focus performance in all light conditions
    Non-Flash: Intermittent close range focus problem corrected
    Low-power Flash: auto-focus improvements for low light and total darkness
    Full-power Flash: only used for distant (typically >6m) scenes where the lens defaults to long range
  • Flash icon only displays if Flash is active (ie enable or auto)
  • New Close-up mode: central region exposure weighting used intended for label and rating plate images
    In this mode the exposure is determined by the central region of the image with the edge regions used less

Firmware changelog